Saturday, February 13, 2010


Research Directions

Hello 7th graders!
Welcome to a fun and exciting research project where we will tackle individual topics spanning five units of medieval history, including the end of the Roman Empire, west African empires, the Asian civilizations of China and Japan, and the beginning of the Middle Ages in Europe. In the middle of your tables is a guide sheet for your subtopics as we fill out the "Student Checklist," which is a plan for doing library research. The sources of information to explore your topic will include nonfiction books (print) and The World Book Encyclopedia. You must always cite your sources with the MLA forms in your research packet and use them to create a "Works Cited" list for your final project. We will read and think about information to select good facts for notetaking. Citing sources and taking good notes instead of copying will prevent plagiarism. By next week we will sort notes into a logical order to write a paragraph for each subtopic. 

A wonderful Internet resource for this research project is Kidipede. Search for your topic in the following unit lists, and click on the unit title. It will take you to the Web site where you will find information links to research your subtopics.

Roman Empire Achievements
Roman Empire Problems
The Fall of Rome
Roman Empire and Christianity

Islam religion
Islamic Achievements

The Empire of Mali
Mansa Musa

Zen Buddhism
Chinese Achievements
The Mongol Empire
Genghis Khan
Kublai Khan
Japanese Samurai
                                      Japanese Shogun
                                      Kabukai Theater

Medieval Castle
Saint Patrick
Joan of Arc
European Knight
The Black Death
The Crusades
The Magna Carta
The Spanish Inquisition